Why is it so important to make the takeout industry zero waste?

Inwit Solutions Inc.

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Making the takeout industry zero waste symbolizes that businesses and individuals are ready to take accountability for their impact and make this change possible.

Today, we are very disconnected from our waste. We know that waste is a complex problem and we’ve believed recycling to be the best and only solution. After all, it’s an activity that Canadians have participated in eagerly for almost thirty years.

However, even with the best intentions and systems in place, we only manage to recycle 11% of the plastic we consume. In Canada, the takeout industry is generating over 1 billion disposable takeout containers annually. This wastes finite resources, contaminates our recycling system, endangers our ecosystems and impacts our health - all in the name of convenience. That is why we are making the takeout industry circular and zero waste, together. 

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