What is Inwit?

Inwit Solutions Inc.

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Inwit is a community that loves food and the planet. Call us crazy, but we think that we can change the world and that our individual actions matter.

We are piloting a program to show you what a zero-waste future could look like. Imagine what it would be like to order a takeout dinner for the family that doesn’t compromise your love for food or the planet? Imagine returning your reusable container to a local Return Station while you are walking your dog or heading to the grocery store? Imagine earning rewards for taking action! We can all contribute to this new system, together!

We are providing a Takeout for the next generation. Inwit is a food ordering platform that helps you order ahead from your favorite local restaurants in an easy and convenient way while changing the world together. It’s super cool, right? We are all in this together. Now is our chance. 

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