What makes Inwit different from other food apps?

Inwit Solutions Inc.

Last Update 2 yıl önce

Inwit was made by Torontonians, for Torontonians. We care deeply about you, our restaurant partners and the planet. We know that the best way towards a green future is if businesses start taking people and the planet into consideration. We are deeply committed to playing a role in driving that change. We charge a small commission fee to our restaurant partners, way less than other food apps and in addition, we promote sustainability within their operations and provide them with our sustainable, reusable packaging. We provide these containers to our restaurant partners to help them lead the change here in Toronto.

We regularly collaborate with the community and restaurant partners to understand how we can best eliminate waste together. We are extremely passionate when it comes to waste reduction, and as such, we purposely do not include single-use utensils, bags, straws, napkins or condiment packets (ketchup, mayo, etc.) in your orders. We believe that it is up to us to provide an option for takeout that allows the community to support local restaurants while also protecting our planet!

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