What are Impact Points and how do I earn them?

Inwit Solutions Inc.

Last Update pre 2 godine

Impact Points are rewards earned when you cast your vote for a greener tomorrow. You’ll earn 20 Impact Points (ip) for every dollar spent on our platform. In addition, you’ll also earn Impact Points when returning Inwit containers to any participating location!

The sooner you return your container(s) the more Impact Points you’ll earn! Why? Because the faster we get them back, the more waste we can avert together!

Next Day - 500 iP

Within 2 Days – 450 iP

Within 3 Days – 400 iP

Within 4 Days – 200 iP

Within 5 Days – 100 iP

Within 6 Days – 50 iP

After 7 Days- 20 iP

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